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About Us

A few years ago I stumbled on the use of hypnosis so I studied it to help my wife to become a non-smoker and lose weight. Upon my studies I came across a rare and relatively new style of hypnosis. ItĎs fast, itís intense itís unlike any other. So I packed my bags and jumped on a plane flew to††††††††††† Las Vegas, NV in the USA. Just to train with the best in this field.

HI I'm Daniel and if you canít tell by now I like hypnosis and I use it on a daily† basis to help people (such as yourself) also use it for fun. I'm not saying whether I have or have not  used it to get out of a parking tickets  (some things you can ask me later) but I can say hypnosis is a great way to lose weight, Quit smoking and much more...

If you have any questions send me an email and Iíll have an answer for you generally within 24hrs

Thanks for checking out my website

Daniel Smith